Welcome to issue #36 of our magazine, where we explore the diverse and inspiring world of food and art.

Through the eyes of global artists artists, we examine the relationship we have with food and how it impacts us in different ways. From miniature wool food to abstract and minimalist work made on eggshells, and from realistic-looking desserts made from a variety of materials to luscious hyperrealistic drawings, these artists create irresistible works that are sure to satisfy your taste buds. Our curated section, selected by The Jealous Curator, Danielle Krysa, features works by talented artists from around the world. So grab your favorite snack, and join us on this journey of exploring the deliciousness of food through art!

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Showing Yourself Compassion: A Conversation With Artist & Coach Jessica Dance By Christina Nafziger.


From Thrift Store Painting to Contemporary Pop Art: Interview with Dave Pollot by Ekaterina Popova.


Paint or Pencil? CJ Hendry's Mind-Blowing Realism by Christina Nafziger.


Finding Balance Between Sweetness and Science in Ceramics: Catherine McMillan by Alicia Puig.


Sculpting From Paint: The Lush, Impasto Work of Angela Wells by Christina Nafziger.


Beauty and Brokenness: A Closer Look at Painted Eggshell Work by Elisa Sheehan By Alicia Puig.


Getting Our Just Desserts: Peter Anton and the Power of Sweets by Ekaterina Popova.

Artists Selected by Guest Curator, Danielle Krysa, The Jealous Curator

Sari Shryack

Charles Wilkin

Justin Richel

Lisa Daria Kennedy

Suyao Tian

Denise Stewart-Sanabria

Nino Yuniardi

Taylor Lee Nicholson

Deborah Kraft

Alyson Khan

Maryam Lamei Harvani

Amy Runyen

Meredith Woolnough

Lyz Wendland

Mayumi Nakao

Andrea Soos

Dana Kohlmann

Natalie Featherston

Ann Prochilo

Abigail Brown

J Myszka Lewis

Gordon Leverton

Lynn Weiler Liverton

Vesna Opavsky

Chelsea Kinch

Nick Grindrod

Julia Blume

Jeff Nachtigall

Blakeney Sanford

Amanda Manitach

Mitra Fabian

Anna Bu Kliewer