In this body of work, I delve into the profound connection between human presence and the environment we inhabit. Through the careful selection of diverse found materials – paper, magazines, shopping bags, cardboard, paper towels, wallpaper, and more – I create intricate webs and imprints of our existence.

The works are a dialogue between the present day and the past. From an aerial perspective, they take on the semblance of rediscovered cityscapes or overgrown gardens, reminiscent of forgotten structures and the tangible traces of human activity. As one draws closer, a duality emerges. The intricate textures and layers mimic the surfaces of billboards that have witnessed the ebb and flow of messages, and the frames of subway platforms that host a perpetual dance of images and information. It is through this very rhythm of placement and removal that our intricate relationship with the world unfolds, leaving behind a tapestry of ideas, experiences, and memories that weave together to create new narratives.

I Can See Clearly Now by Shawn Marshall


Shawn Marshall is a Kentucky-based artist and visual arts educator. Her work was recently selected to be published in the November issue of Art Seen. She has also been published in Contemporary Collage Magazine, Thought Art Magazine, Art Hive Magazine, Supersonic Art, and others. One of her pieces was selected work for the cover of Artrepreneur’s Orange Book, 1st Edition, in late 2022.

In March of 2023, the Great Meadows Foundation awarded Marshall an Artist Development Grant. With the assistance of the grant, she had the opportunity to travel to both New York City and Bacon, NY, where she immersed herself in a diverse range of contemporary art spanning various styles and mediums. Marshall's work was recently added to the Shapin Nicolas Art Project (the S.N.A.P. Collection)an extensive art foundation and collection located in Louisville, KY. In addition, her work is also included in many corporate collections as well, including PNC Bank in Pittsburgh, Brown-Forman Corporation, the University of Kentucky, LexArts, and Commonwealth Bank.  

Marshall earned a Master of Architecture with a Minor in Fine Art from Cornell University in 1996, a Master of Art in Teaching from Bellarmine University in 2009, and a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Kentucky in 1992. She is represented by Viridian Artists in New York, NY, New Editions Gallery in Lexington, KY, Chauvet Arts in Nashville, TN, and the curated online galleries Artrepreneur, and Singulart.

April Comes She Will by Shawn Marshall
Float On by Shawn Marshall
Eight Miles High by Shawn Marshall
Blame It On My Youth by Shawn Marshall
Dancing Queen by Shawn Marshall
Daydream Believer by Shawn Marshall
Tango Dancer by Shawn Marshall