As artists we often find ourselves facing challenges due to our gender. We know this is a reality for many and it is widespread in the art world. 

We are taking steps to change this, we are women, some of us are mothers, all of us are artists and we are determined to create opportunities for visibility, for inclusion, for dialogue and for carving paths for ourselves in our art careers. 

We are 7 artists currently operating a co-working space at Via Showcase in Vika Oslo, where we have been working in our individual in-house art studios as well as hosting various activities and events in a gallery section of the space. Saturday 14th of January, we opened the doors to the exhibition “SEEN” with a Vernissage. Several pieces sold the first night. 


Is a self-funding community open to all female and non-binary artists in Norway and abroad.
We create opportunities for visibility and groth to artists in all levels of their career. We are over 120 registered members up to date. 


The Artworks are all available for purchase. The venue welcomes people of all ages, with paid parking available in very close vicinity, and direct access for wheelchair users. The exhibit will be on display January 14-28th 2023.

Paulina Ree, founder of Female Artists Oslo

Exhibiting artists

Please email femaleartistsoslo@gmail.com for more information, additional images or exclusive content. 

January 14-18 2023 (excluding Sundays).


  • Live-painting
    Tuesday 28th Jan, 12-14pm
    Some of the in-house artists are working, and invite you to come see the processes of their art.

  • Art Auction
    Friday 27th Jan, 17pm
    Hosts: Three Iranian artists; Day Yazdani, Anahita Nikman, Gazelle Pezeshkmehr
    Auctioneer: Anders Ribu
    Guest of honor: Christian Ringnes
    Entry: NOK 100


Via Showcase,
Ruseløkkveien 26
Oslo, Norway

Participating Artists: 

Elisabeth Handelsby

Instagram: @elisabethhandelsby

Paulina Ree

Instagram: @adiosalasfresas

Marlen E. Flatsetø

Instagram: @art_bymarlen

Theodora Waldahl Dea

Instagram: @theodora_arts

Johanna Strikewerda

Instagram: @johanna.strikwerda

Corina S. Harvik

Instagram: @c_s_harvik

Kasia Wiercinska

Instagram: @kasia_wiercinska