Sarah Renzi Sanders is a mixed media painter, born in Washington D.C. She taught Middle School art for ten years before making the decision to create art full time. Since then, the artist has exhibited in various juried exhibitions along the east coast, as well as virtual international exhibitions. Renzi was shortlisted for the Women United Art Prize in 2021. She has been a guest on podcasts including the Arts to Hearts podcast and The Art of Being a Mum. The artist has been featured in publications including Candyfloss magazine, Vogue Australia, and Pikchur Magazine. Last year, Renzi co-founded Girls Who Paint Gallery outside of Washington D.C. with a mission to give female and underrepresented artists more opportunities to exhibit while making art more accessible to her community. Renzi lives in Kensington, Maryland with her husband, three children, and two dogs.

"Annunciation" by Sarah Renzi Sanders


Sarah Renzi Sanders creates surreal paintings that explore the subconscious layers of the mind, as well as her own healing and soul excavation. Often in her work, she feels exposed, a sense of intimacy she hopes translates to the viewer. Renzi uses bright colors to demonstrate the human connection to nature as a portal to the spiritual realm. Much of the symbolism her work is rooted in the tension between her strict Catholic upbringing and her desire to explore the metaphysical world. The artist’s most recent work employs abstraction, sacred geometry, and vibrations of color. Renzi’s body of work chronicles her own evolution through her journey with mental illness and anxiety. The artist considers herself an alchemist, transforming dark memories into colorful visions. It is the artist’s mission is to share her vulnerability in order to inspire others to live authentically in their truth.

"Bless Me Father for I Have Sinned" by Sarah Renzi Sanders
"Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board" by Sarah Renzi Sanders
"Luna Rising" by Sarah Renzi Sanders
"Madonna of the Minivan" by Sarah Renzi Sanders
"Mirror, Mirror" by Sarah Renzi Sanders
"Oracle" by Sarah Renzi Sanders
"Taurus Moon" by Sarah Renzi Sanders
"The Hanged Woman" by Sarah Renzi Sanders