Originally from Germany, Rose Jerome was raised in Orlando, Florida, and has lived in London, England; Brooklyn, NY; and Woodstock, NY. She currently resides in Western North Carolina.

Jerome earned an associate’s degree in photographic technology at Daytona State College, a bachelor’s in modern art history at CUNY BA NYC and an MFA in photography at Savannah College of Art and Design. She currently teaches in the photography department at McDowell Technical Community College in Marion, NC.

Original Art by Rose Wind Jerome

About the Work

Title: Black Mountain

Brief Statement:

What is family? How is formed? How does it function? What behaviors, attitudes and actions make a “mother” or a “father?” In a world inundated with personal photographs, how do images of other families shape our ideas about what our own family should look, act and feel like?

My work has grown from a continued interest in the dynamics of relationships, specifically those formed within a shared domestic space. For the project “Black Mountain,” I photographed my family after the arrival of my daughter in Black Mountain, North Carolina.

Original Art by Rose Wind Jerome
Original Art by Rose Wind Jerome
Rose Wind Jerome