Rose Malenfant is a mixed media interdisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Her work focuses on taking a feminist approach to fiber, textiles, and collected objects to create abstract biomorphic sculptures. She uses exploratory techniques and performance to fabricate forms and scenes that visualize women’s biology, and evoke reverence. Her work has recently been showcased with Woman Made Gallery in “Windows to the Inside”, Hera Gallery in “Objects of Agency”, and Atlantic Gallery NYC in “Tenuous Threads”, as well as other galleries throughout Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan.

"Are You surprised by our Elasticity?" by Rose Malenfant


When exploring contemporary ways to use familiar materials, I imagine new neural pathways forming in my brain. By repurposing nylon pantyhose I once wore on my body, I invert my relationship with the material. I transform from being a passive consumer into an active creator.

My work focuses on freeing the feminine from our politicized conditioning, investigating themes of elasticity, healing, regeneration, and our cyclical nature. I specifically use reclaimed textile materials to tell the story of our dynamic bodies. Our bodies too are composed of fibers, intricately woven in relationship with each other, sending and receiving messages.

Through rolling, stitching, stretching, and even pouring plaster into nylon, I birth new forms from known material. I visualize our bodies in a way we’ve never encountered before. When we recognize ourselves within something surreal, we are able to deeper know and liberate the parts of ourselves which are unseen but ever present.


"Fruiting Body" by Rose Malenfant
"Intrauterine" by Rose Malenfant