(Featured image by Joseph Miller)

Congratulations to the following artists selected by artist Erika b Hess, Painter, Curator And Host Of The Podcast I Like Your Work, for our 'Rise' Exhibition. This show is due to launch In January, 2022.

We can't wait to share this exhibition, details about the artists and more with you soon!

Exhibiting Artists:

Ellie Baddiley

Allison Belolan

Pau Brandwein

A. Laura Brody

Heidi Brueckner

Neil Callander

Leigh Craven

Bethany Davis

Kate Drewniak

Daniel Embleton

Shannon Fincke

Jodi Hays

Marjorie Hellman

Kristy Hughes

Danielle Jones

John Paul Kesling

Christine Kim

Monica Lloyd

Madeline Mace

Caroline MacMoran

Shoora Majedian

Marrin Martinez

Joseph Miller

Justin Price

Joanna Radecka

John Ralston

Leslie Robison

Heather Schroeder

Jennifer Small

Jacquelyn Strycker

Brad Stumpf

Fie Tanderup

Carey Watters

Holly Wong