Artist Bio  

Miranda Moore is a Los Angeles based Contemporary Oil Painter finishing up her BFA in Studio Arts. She uses multimedia practices to carefully curate a unique perspective to oil painting, whether it be portrait work, still life, or abstraction. Miranda’s work is derived from challenges and self ambition, creating quirky yet finely executed pieces. Her passion for art has always driven her to live an adventurous life, grabbing elements to draw inspiration from for her work.

Original Ary by Miranda Moore

Artist Statement  

Miranda draws inspiration from modern trends, patterns, graphics, and topography - juxtaposed with the elegance of luxurious oil paints. Curious by the intersection between quirkiness and normality, Miranda creates elaborate scenes that allow that pathway to be investigated. Her practice is multifaceted. She often ‘easter eggs’ elements from her previous art into each new work, encouraging the audience to engage deeper into the composition. Her practice is a labor of love: hand making her references, composing, and photographing it, then repeating the process with the outcome of an editorial-esc oil painting.

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Original Ary by Miranda Moore

When did your interest in art begin vs. when you began thinking of it as a career/life choice?

I wouldn’t say that my interest in art began at a certain point because it’s all I can remember, but I remember actively deciding that it was the career path for me when I was 15. I’ve been making carefully calculated decisions since then to be able to pursue my career path.

What draws you to your particular subject matter?

Still life painting was an unexpected fascination of mine. It wasn’t until I started to get more involved in the production process within my work where I really started to gravitate towards still lifes. I aim to make a space for still life painting in a contemporary and digital world, especially influenced by social media, pop culture, and consumerism. My work also argues that fine art can be found within those cliches of our culture.

Miranda Moore

What interest of yours (outside of art) ends up influencing your practice the most?

I am really fascinated by grids. It’s something that I’ve trained my eye to see in normal everyday objects. It made a very obvious appearance within my work, creating abstract or repetitive settings for the quirky little objects I curate into a painting.

What is one piece of advice you wish you could give your younger self?

I would tell my younger self to challenge myself conceptually with my artwork. When it came to my art practice, it was the last thing to form for me. If I could nudge my younger self to think about that sooner, I would.

What would you say is your biggest goal for this year?

I have my first exhibition coming up this year, and following that I finish my BFA program. I have a quite large body of work to prepare for, so that’s on the forefront of my mind. But after that I hope to make big steps towards grad school and to further my connections in my art career.