Artwork by Artist Clare Celeste
Artwork by Artist Clare Celeste

By Ekaterina Popova

Over the years, I have become the master of turning difficult and unpleasant situations into valuable gold lessons. I made an oath to myself when I lost my first business to use my experiences to help support and encourage others on this journey of art, leadership, and entrepreneurship. Sometimes I would rather not share and eat a gallon of ice cream while feeling sorry for myself, but a few weeks after my epic fail, I have summoned a few gold nuggets, and I am presenting them to you now on a pretty platter, also known as my podcast.

Join me on a new episode as I share my takeaways from a very disappointing yet overall empowering experience at the Spartan Race. I use this space to link similarities between how elite athletes and artists approach their careers to go for gold. I learned a thing or two that I will be applying to my own life.

I also offer tips on how to process discouraging results, what to do with feedback, and how to become unstoppable in the face of failure.

Listen to this episode if you need encouragement to keep going on your journey. Get clear on your values so that you can reach your full potential no matter what happens.

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