My mixed media abstract paintings explore the connection of darkness and light within us, the complexity of our personality, that we show to others and what we keep to ourselves and the interconnection of conscious and unconscious aspects in our lives. I am interested in exploring that space in between reality and daydreaming, where the unconscious aspects of our inner world can come to the surface, making visible what was invisible before.

My inspiration comes from the textures and colors found in nature, especially the desert, the skies and the collective symbols used by ancient cultures.
My process is almost archeological. Using a combination of paint, collage, and mixed media, I build the beginning layers working intuitively and without a preconceived idea. Then I cover all these layers and start excavating into them.

Many layers later, the paintings contain a variety of marks, some made by scratching and repainting the surface, and some made by drawing specific interconnected shapes, bringing the hidden history of my process to the surface. Textures, color, and organic forms are woven into a complex visual dialogue that hints at the underlying feelings and complexity of our lives.


"Become the Sky" by Paula Valenzuela
"Glaciars" by Paula Valenzuela
"Infinite Expansion" by Paula Valenzuela
"Season 1" by Paula Valenzuela
"Season 3" by Paula Valenzuela
"The Guardian" by Paula Valenzuela
"The Keeper" by Paula Valenzuela
"Tree of Life" by Paula Valenzuela
"Vessel" by Paula Valenzuela