Create! is thrilled to share the announcement for Palais Royal, a solo exhibition by Lisbon-based artist Madi presented by Hashimoto Contemporary. The exhibition will be Madi's inaugural solo presentation at the gallery, and debut solo exhibition in New York City.

Palais Royal takes the viewer on a journey through the passages of the artist’s mind, delving into various experiences, recollections and moments. Filled with graphic imagery, imaginary characters, textures, and patterns, Madi’s works are guided by spontaneity. The artist’s earthy palette and collaged compositions offer insight into her inner universe, juxtaposing memories in order to build new stories. By doing so, Madi creates fluid connections between the everyday and extraordinary.

The exhibition is on view May 13 - June 3, 2023.

La Lune, 2023 © Madi
LE REFLET ROUGE, 2023 © Madi
“Like a seal in the wax, I launched my emotions on a new series of canvas. My memories dance, intertwine and compete to strike a pose.
I have created a lost city, a Palais Royal that contains my memories.
I see life as a show, and I change my seat to watch it.
My roots have spanned. I feel the wind swinging me, I’m aware of this natural evolution, it’s adorned with Lisbon light and poetry.
What remains is what I paint.
A black & white tiled floor in Biarritz, a shelf of wandering treasures in Lisbon, a conversation in the shade of a tree, each canvas embodies a scenario, a piece of life.
In this Palais Royal, characters and feelings are embodied.
Like passengers of the night, companions of dreams, anecdotes, fables and memories rush into my head. And then, in the morning, this intangible desire to show my universe.
The Palais Royal, as if the sacredness of the term reassured me, I managed to create my world, to shape my characters and the meditative composition takes over.”

- Madi
LE TRÉSOR, 2022 © Madi
ANTIDOTE, 2023 © Madi

About the artist: Madi develops her own style through graphic research while multiplying collaborations, paintings, and murals. She's constantly trying to evolve. At the beginning her work was in black and white, full of meticulous details. Her production of drawings is obsessive as they travel inside her head, showing imaginary characters, textures, sensations, dreams, and fantasies. She immerses herself in a colorful production, less controlled, unexpected and way more instinctive. Her work is guided by the spontaneity. It’s an intimate and endearing process. She paints because she needs to. The viewer enjoys the conception of a private universe free from any boundaries. As if she was searching for an absolute peace which only the act of painting could fulfill.

CÉRÉMONIE, 2022 © Madi

All images courtesy of Hashimoto Contemporary.