Artist Bio

Abiola Adejare, born 33 years ago in Lagos, Nigeria, comes from a creative lineage—a painter and a nurse as parents—thus revealing his lifelong affinity for art. During his formative years, Abiola nurtured various aspirations, including becoming an astronaut or a jet fighter, all driven by a shared desire for heroism. However, he eventually discovered that the true essence of heroism lies in influencing and positively impacting people's minds. This realization led him to embrace art as his chosen medium.  

Raised in the captivating realm of television, Abiola's exposure to science fiction and the iconic figure of Michael Jackson profoundly influenced his perception of contemporary alternative realities. These encounters inspired him to envision a world intricately woven with abstract concepts that seem distant yet remain relatable.  

Abiola pursued an Arts education at Yaba College of Technology, where he further honed his skills. His choice of materials—acrylics, cardboards, plywood, and large canvas—mirrors the fast-paced nature of our society, capturing the collective yearning for instant gratification.

Original Art by Abiola Adejare

Artist Statement

My artistic approach revolves around capturing the very essence of a subject with a single glance, ensuring that what remains in your memory is its defining characteristic. Drawing from my background as a Graphic Design major at Yabatech, Nigeria's esteemed art school, I find inspiration in the vibrant world of advertising. In a world where brand posters are given mere seconds of a viewer's attention, the key lies in leveraging their existing knowledge and experiences. Through my paintings, I strive to recreate the viewer's perspective—what they remember seeing and what they can deduce with minimal information. This approach evokes a sense of familiarity and intrigue, inviting contemplation.  

My ultimate goal is to be an influential artist who challenges societal norms and raises thought-provoking questions that disrupt the power dynamics governing humanity. While this may seem like an ambitious undertaking, I recognize that it starts with dedicated practice and honing my craft.  

In my upcoming paintings, I aspire to delve into themes that explore the intricacies of human emotions and the complexities of relationships. By employing a minimalist style, I aim to distill these concepts into powerful visual representations that provoke introspection and dialogue. Through my art, I seek to initiate a shift in perspectives and contribute to a more balanced and empathetic world.

Original Art by Abiola Adejare
Abiola Adejare