I am an American artist working in figurative abstraction and portraiture. I have an MFA from Concordia University of Montreal. My work has been presented in solo and group exhibitions throughout North America. From 2016-2017, my work was on tour in public and private galleries with the Montreal Arts Council, throughout the province of Quebec. My work will be featured in the health magazine “My Chronic Brain” this January. I currently manage the production and assembly of haute couture clutch handbags and make paintings in my home studio in Philadelphia.


I am a painter who works with oil and mixed media. I work in figure painting, portraiture, and experimental abstraction. The majority of my subject matter covers trans male subjectivity, the effects of migraine disability, and familial friendships. My self-portraits focus on my daily struggles with health and maintaining relationships. The people I choose to paint are closely bonded to me, and I seek to show the intimacy between us and the romantic melancholy imbued within trans life.