Xiangmei Su is a multimedia artist from China who now lives in Canada. She received her BA in Visual Art at UBC.  She works with installation, painting, photography, and video. Su has exhibited several solo and group shows in both China and Canada. Her first solo show (The Wind) was exhibited in Changshu Art Museum in China in 2012. Her current solo show (Intangible Thread - Part Two) is presented at the Garden. She has published two catalogues. In 2020, she was invited for a Tedx Talk, Becoming Who I Am. In 2022, she was invited to be an Exhibition Advisor for West Vancouver Community Art’s Council’s Jury for Exhibitions at the Kay Meek Art Centre.  

Original Painting by Xiangmei Su

Artist statement

My art practices deal with the relations between spaces (cultural, natural, social, and individual) and my own cultural identity. Today, as a female immigrant artist, guided by my female sensitivity and global vision, I create artworks to explore my identity and discuss global issues. In my new series of artworks, “Sophie's Visual World”, I create a character, Sophie, a girl who can be anyone. Sophie has travelled to different places. Through Sophie’s eye, I record what has happened in the world since 2020. In ‘quarantine in Shanghai’, Sophie is living in a public phone booth because the Shanghai government locked down the whole city due to Covid-19; Sophie lost everything and could not go anywhere. However, the Shanghai government later denied what they did. In ‘Blue and Yellow’, Sophie is a Ukrainian girl, and she yearns for freedom. In 'Tesla Bot,’ Sophie buys her very own twin sister, a robot. All these things are happening around us. They matter to everyone and affect everyone’s life. Through these paintings, I try to question the world: what is the truth? What is really happening and affecting people’s lives? As a human, how can we support each other and make the world a better place?


Original Painting by Xiangmei Su