Join host Ekaterina Popova and artist Marielle Orr on an inspiring episode about creating art and taking it out into the real world. Marielle recently opened a store to display her beautiful nature-inspired paintings and shares her experience. We also discuss tips for becoming self-employed, pursuing your dreams as an artist full-time.

"As a mixed media abstract artist, I specialize in both painting and sculpture, with a heavy focus on acrylic painting combined with sculptural components. Using elements like texture and color, my works are created and inspired by scenery and experiences around me. Since my graduation from Lakehead University, my most current body of work has been a combination of my learned painting, linked with sculptural techniques. By combining these two practices I have created abstracted works that showcase my inspirations.  

With my dual Bachelor of Honors in visual arts and concurrent education, there are many things that inspire me as an artist. Inspirations such as my own emotional state at certain times in my life, interactions with people around me and the emotional and physical connection humans have with nature. My interest in bringing forth an emotional response in my work, allowing the audience to consider the deeper meaning in the relationships we hold with everything around us, is the foundation for my artistic inspiration.

Through life experience, my art has the capability of bringing a person into a world unlike their own reality. By interlacing different mediums and brushing them onto a canvas, my training and further growth has given me the opportunity to showcase depth and beauty in a dramatic and approachable way. My hope is to create bodies of work that can connect people to past emotional experience while transporting the audience to a new space."

Abstract paintings by Marielle Orr
Abstract painting of nature by Marielle Orr
Original abstract art by Marielle Orr
Portrait of artist Marielle Orr