Through experimentation,  Nitin Kakkar creates abstract paintings that seek to address the transformative qualities of music.  After years of listening to music and developing his sense of taste, he studied art at Sarah Lawrence College and the Pacific Northwest College of Art.  

His work is inspired by the sounds and visual aesthetics of vintage electric musical instruments and sound equipment. He lives and works in Burlington, Massachusetts.


I am an experimental abstract painter inspired by the history of popular music and its relationship to nature and the contemporary world.  There is an emphasis in my work on the advent of electric musical instruments, rock ‘n’ roll, and avant garde music.  

Through the manipulation of acrylic paint, I seek to create a visual language analogous to musicianship and instrumentation.


G-X849 by Nitin Kakkar
A Shit Eating Grin for God and The Devil by Nitin Kakkar
A-3R97F by Nitin Kakkar
H3-X5 by Nitin Kakkar