Abstract, mixed media artist Nicolle Cure will be participating in the Love Lost, Miami 2022 exhibition during Miami Art Week. Held at Green Space Miami, the opening night is this Wednesday, November 30th. Learn more about the two works she will be showing below.

Nicolle Cure abstract art Miami artist
PRISMA, 2022, Acrylic paint and ink on canvas, 30" x 60”

A person with a chronic health condition must think twice before doing something fun or about anything. Sometimes, even doing a small task requires considerable effort, and completing it means you will be punished the next day––this is not an exaggeration. In my case, a slight deviation from my routine means the pain will return to haunt me. It robs me of the energy or the opportunity to be functional the following days. 

If you suffer from a chronic illness, you must choose carefully what to do next because you know how bad it can get. And sometimes, you choose to do something that goes against every (medical) rule because you have to live a little. 

Chronic pain makes you feel like your body is broken. At times, none of my medicines help. During a flare-up, moving one inch can be excruciatingly painful. These are times of complete isolation and desperation. Yet, when I return from those " limbo " moments I call black holes, I tend to turn to vibrant colors in my studio practice. They uplift me and make me forget about the fear I feel during moments of sickness. 

Prisma is hope. Prisma is an allegory to the many colors of sound: White noise is widely known to many people as it helps with sleep and concentration. However, other sonic hues, such as pink, blue, gray, and brown noise, affect listeners differently. For instance, I find more relief for my Tinnitus (ringing in the ear) with Pink Noise as opposed to the prevalent White noise, which is too harsh for me. 

The Colors of Sound is also the title of the first collection I created after experiencing sudden hearing loss. Art was my strength. It was the best way to connect to other patients and medical practitioners when I tried to express what I was going through when I couldn't find the right words when there was no light in sight. 

So, Prisma, in a way, is how I return to that concept of experiencing a loss, grieving it, but now "on the other side," feeling wiser, hopeful, and stronger five years after the diagnosis. 

Nicolle Cure installation art love lost Miami
PRISMA CONTINUUM, 2022, Mixed Media Art Installation, 10-1/4" sq. x 10-1/4" h, Individually cut and ink-dyed raw canvas strips and 34 patient hospital wristbands from the artist in a clear plexiglass cube.

The 34 hospital wristbands selected represent the artist's age when she experienced Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SSHL) in her right ear. She was later diagnosed with Meniere's Disease and other vestibular disorders that affect hearing and balance daily. 

This piece depicts a journey of loss, grief, self-discovery, isolation, and adaptation while learning to cope with chronic pain and facing the unknown. For Nicolle, art has been a cathartic and healing process, turning an unfortunate life-changing event into art that depicts beauty, hope, and resilience. 

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