Join host Ekaterina Popova and paper cut artist Rosa Leff on this motivating episode. Rosa shares how she started using paper as her medium, why she chose this subject matter, and offers tips on how to show up for yourself and find the best opportunities for your art.

Between painting alongside her grandmother and watching her father build reproduction antique furniture, Rosa Leff grew up seeing no distinction between fine art and craft. What mattered was that things were made by hand and done well. It is with that in mind that she creates her hand-cut paper pieces. Each of Leff’s papercuts is cut by hand from a single sheet of paper using a knife. Her cityscapes are based on photos she’s taken in her neighborhood and all over the world. While Leff is best known for her ability to capture thin tangles of powerlines and intricate brickwork, she also enjoys experimenting with novel media such as paper plates and paper towels. Leff delights in bringing a modern, urban perspective to a traditional folk medium.

Leff serves on the board of The Guild of American Papercutters and is a member of The Paper Artist Collective. She has exhibited her work throughout the United States and in China. She resides in Baltimore with her husband and chihuahuas, Chalupa and Refrito.

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