Introducing AQ Book Volume I!

We're thrilled to announce the newest addition to our collection: AQ Books! We have recently released the first book of this new series, highlighting extraordinary women artists from all around the world.

I'm Ekaterina Popova, the founder of Art Queens and the editor of Create! Magazine. AQ Book Volume I is a curated collection that celebrates the exceptional talents of artists from our vibrant global community.

Within the beautifully crafted pages of this book, we showcase the extraordinary works of female and non-binary artists whose creations inspire and move us.

Having spent years collaborating with art enthusiasts, galleries, and curators worldwide, we are thrilled to expand our mission of connecting artists with appreciative audiences through this exquisite publication. AQ Book Volume I provides contemporary female artists with a platform to garner visibility and recognition among an even wider readership.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the breathtaking art featured in AQ Book Volume I, now available on Amazon in hardcover or digital format, and to share this edition with fellow art lovers.

Featured Artists:

  • Jayn Anderson
  • Lisa Butters
  • Tiffany Budzisz
  • Amy Griffith
  • Melissa Gile
  • Ceinwen Gobert
  • Jo Gamel
  • Leah Guzman
  • Theresa Hong
  • Geraldina Khatchikian
  • Kristen Liu-Wong
  • Rachel Le Roux
  • Becky Lehoux
  • Kim Tateo
  • Joann Renner
  • Paulina Ree
  • Loretta Oberheim
  • Samantha Otero
  • Margot Dermody
  • Camille Myles
  • Mikaela Perry
  • Virginia Shepley
  • Anne Siems
  • Sarah Stieber
  • Ana Sneeringer
  • Gabriela Sepúlveda
  • Sara Glupker
  • Sunny Altman
  • Volta Voloshin-Smith
  • Sharon Wensel
  • Jen Dwyer
  • Tania Marmolejo...
  • and many more!

Thank you so much for your support, and we hope you love the artists inside their pages along with their stories.

AQ Volume I

Geraldina Khatchikian Featured in Volume I