Create! Magazine is excited to share the work of painter Beth Munro!

Artist Statement:

My paintings whether composed of still life, landscape, or abstract forms, focus on pattern, color and texture. I am inspired by everything from the impressionistic works of Cezanne, to the gestural abstract paintings of de Kooning, to historical quilts made by the women of Gees Bend. Ethnic ceremonial costumes, 19th and 20th-century stencils and even my daughters' illustrations continue to inspire me. I grew up in an artistic family, in which my father, a designer and painter, played a significant role in my artistic development. Matisse, Cezanne, Vuillard, Thiebaud and Janet Fish have all been dominant sources of inspiration, and as my work has become more abstract, I have been significantly influenced by Diebenkorn, Rothko and Klee.

I focus primarily on movement, color and the texture of the paint in my practice, I’m always looking for new ways to create form. While my work has become increasingly abstract in recent years, the focus on color and pattern as a central component has remained a constant. The same black and white checks that once lined the edges of dishes in a still life now define abstract shapes, creating vertical compositions of tree-like figures. My pallet is unique to my work and acts as a common thread as the subject matter (or lack thereof) evolves. The interaction of color, pattern, texture and form creates a harmonious rhythm, keeping the eye constantly moving throughout the composition. I continue expanding my exploration of color and texture, incorporating tissue paper, collage, woodblock prints, and various forms of mixed media in my work. I hope my work conveys a mood, delights the eye, and captures the whimsical nature of life.

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