Join Kat and Meggan Joy on an uplifting episode of the show.

We discuss:

  • Meggan's journey as a photographer and collage artist
  • Allowing long-term projects to be a part of our practice
  • Meggan's process and how some of her pieces take up to a year
  • Reverse engineering our business goals to be able to support ourselves with our artwork
  • The artist's empowering new body of work and solo exhibition

Meggan Joy is a self-taught photographic artist primarily focused on digital collage. Joy combines fragments of the natural sciences with her narratives and allegories; often weaving in symbols and motifs from art history to create a new surreal vision.

She fabricates this staged imagery from the ground up, growing most of her subject matter in her garden, documenting the growth, beauty and decay. Each piece is created by assembling thousands of individual photographs of botanicals, insects and other wildlife - resulting in a final image that is bursting with life and layered with hidden details and anecdotes.

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