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Monica Wyatt is a Los Angeles based mixed media artist who re-envisions unexpected and overlooked materials, transforming them into intimate assemblage sculpture.
Wyatt’s recent exhibitions include a solo show at the Lancaster Museum of Art and History in 2018. She was featured as the inaugural artist at State Gallery, Santa Barbara in 2018, awarded Best in Show at Blackboard Gallery, Camarillo in 2015, and was the Los Angeles Art Association featured assemblage artist at the 2014 Beverly Hills Art Show. Her work is also shown at Eisenhauer Gallery on Martha’s Vineyard and has been included in numerous juried and curated group shows throughout California. Wyatt co-curated “Walking Upstream” at The Loft Gallery in San Pedro, California in 2018. Her work is held in private collections across the United States. Wyatt is a graduate of UC Berkeley.


I first realized my love for visual storytelling when I began producing and directing television shows. Starting with the writer’s script, my palette was everything seen through the camera’s lens: actors, movement, light, and mood. Shot by shot, I wove together these images into two-dimensional dramas.

I longed, however, to tell my own stories, to move beyond words and pictures and to explore themes that ignited my imagination. My assemblages became the three-dimensional stories I wanted to tell: stories about relationships, childhood, time passage, nature, marriage, motherhood, and secrets never told.

In my assemblage work, I re-imagine and merge strange and overlooked materials into sculptures that look like they might have evolved organically. What’s old becomes new again and disparate combinations are reincarnated into playful and evocative creations. My work encourages viewers to allow their imaginations to be jostled, to look, and look again at the re-envisaged compositions, perhaps catching reflections of their own stories.


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