Arts to Hearts Project is proud to announce the opening of its first contemporary art gallery and studio in the city of Taj, Agra, India. The opening of Arts to Hearts Project Gallery + Studio will transform the city's art scene and provide a much-needed space for emerging and unrepresented artists to showcase their work.

The gallery will debut its first solo show, “MODERN MAHARANI," by Charuka Arora, on May 5th, 2023 from 6-9pm IST (opening attendance by RSVP only). Charuka's ornamental compositions are meticulously crafted with detailed, minutely embellished, and soft brushstrokes organized into patterns and compositions inspired by Indian textiles, inviting viewers into the paintings' mysterious depths. "MODERN MAHARANI" takes inspiration from the rich art and craft heritage of India and its fashion. Celebrating a woman’s identity and inner strength as the fearless Maharani’s they are, each necklace symbolizes a moment of everyday women celebrating themselves and adorning their soul.

Charuka Arora Modern Maharani

More about the Arts to Hearts Project Gallery:

Arts to Hearts Project Gallery + Studio is committed to promoting Indian art, culture, and heritage and is excited to bring contemporary art to Agra's rich artistic landscape. The gallery is set to become a cultural hub, offering a space for artists, collectors, enthusiasts, and the wider community to connect and appreciate the incredible talent of artists in India and worldwide. The gallery will facilitate a creative exchange, providing art exhibits, workshops, private events, residencies for artists, mentorship, collaboration opportunities, content, and studio space for creatives. With the kickstarting of the contemporary art scene in Taj, Agra, the gallery hopes to inspire creativity and dialogue through art.


Alicia Puig has been a contributing writer for Create! Magazine since 2017.