Anna Bu Kliewer was born in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine and immigrated to Germany with her family as a child, she currently lives in London, UK. Anna is a mixed media artist working in both analogue and digital collage, creating still and moving imagery. Driven by her curiosity about other realities, time and space, she likes to challenge one’s perception of identity and environment by transforming found imagery into a new, surreal context. Bu’s library of cut out paper pieces has now reached over 20.000 times and continues to grow.

Instagram: @annabukliewer

Original Art by Anna Bu Kliewer

How has your relationship with art changed over time?

I’ve learned to appreciate it more, rather than be intimidated or feel pressure.  

Where do you find inspiration? What drives your work?

I find inspiration in conversations with friends, books I read, movies, or in my general mood on that day. I do not look at art for inspiration.

Original Art by Anna Bu Kliewer

What is your favorite part of your process?

Just moving pieces of paper around, not knowing what will happen. It is extremely playful and intuitive.

What is one thing about your art and/or practice that our audience may not know?

Maybe that I am a collage artist that is very organized and neat. Everything is organized by color and object. Or that I watch films while I work and therefore watched 371 movies in 2022.

What does your dream piece/project look like?

It would be dreamy to create a large installation.

Anna Bu Kliewer