Create! Magazine is excited to announce the finalists for Issue #43, a special edition thoughtfully curated by the talented Jennifer Rizzo. This issue is a celebration of emerging contemporary artists from around the globe.

Meet Jennifer Rizzo, a Brooklyn-based curator, writer, and Partner at Hashimoto Contemporary. Jennifer has made significant contributions to the art world, including producing "World Wide Walls Vol. 1: 10 Years of International Street Art" and contributing to Scott Albrecht’s monograph "IN TIME." Her keen eye for emerging contemporary art, honed since 2011, brings a unique perspective to Create! Magazine Issue #43.

Selecting the artists for this edition was no easy task, as we received an overwhelming number of submissions, each showcasing incredible art, diverse perspectives, and unique expressions. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to every artist who shared their work with us. Your dedication to your craft is truly inspiring.

Now, let's take a moment to celebrate and applaud the finalists for Create! Magazine Issue #43:

  • Kristin Elizabeth Fiorvanti
  • Katelyn Chapman
  • Deb Koo
  • Helya Ebrahimi Ghajar
  • Tegan Brozyna Roberts
  • Fortune Hunter
  • Jes Moran
  • Denise Stewart-Sanabria
  • Michelle Mullet
  • Justin N. Kim
  • Jesse Zuo
  • Lucy Ray
  • Jason Shelby Schuler
  • Carrie Lederer
  • Scott Troxel
  • Hallie Packard
  • Katie Steward
  • Xiangjie Rebecca Wu
  • JP Neang
  • Anastasia Greer
  • Anna Jekel
  • Gianna Putrino
  • Jordan Buschur
  • Loc Huynh
  • Michele Montalbano
  • Annabelle Buck
  • Charlotte Brisland
  • Erika Navarrete
  • Diana Rodgers
  • Xinran Guan

Stay tuned for the release of Create! Magazine Issue #43 in the spring of 2024, and make sure to grab your copy or subscribe to immerse yourself in the world of these talented artists.