Create! Magazine is pleased to share the announcement of Mary Lai's upcoming solo exhibition in LA. Always a dreamer, the LA-based artist has fulfilled her fate by following her heart and gut intuition with a touch of luck. A versatile and savvy talent, Mary has excelled across multiple mediums with great success, including art, sculpture, fashion, murals, and graphic design. Her style is colorful, playful, and at times, interprets pop icons within humorous settings, and strives to uplift provoking a positive emotional connection with its audience.

Mary Lai

For her upcoming exhibition, Synchronicity, taking place on February 16 at The Art Room in downtown Los Angeles, the show will celebrate and showcase over 25 pieces of Mary’s work.The concept of Synchronicity is a phenomenon when two seemingly unrelated events are intertwined and regarded as “meaningful coincidences.” For artists, these events can prove to be a validation on their journey and reaffirm taken directions. For Mary, this exhibition is her visual manifestation of meaningful coincidences and says, "meaningful coincidences seem to happen when preparation and hard work meets opportunity, validating our artistic journey”.

Exhibition Details:

February 16 - March 3, 2024
The Art Room
908 S Olive Street
Los Angeles, CA

Mary Lai

About Mary Lai:

Mary Lai is a multifaceted Korean-American artist based in Los Angeles, California. Her outlookis that “art is a universal language that can speak to anyone” and her dreamer mindset isreflected in her vibrant contemporary artwork that aims to uplift and evoke emotion. Her scopeof work includes paintings, mixed media art, digital art to large-scale murals and sculptures.She has a B.F.A. in Graphic Design and prior to her visual art journey, the seasoned designerbuilt a career in New York for over a decade as a fashion accessories designer, including anaward-winning namesake handbag collection. With over 20 years of art and design experience,Lai has worked with several notable brands including HBO Max, Vayner, St. Jude, theWahlbergs, American Express, SXSW, BAM, Snapchat and more. She has exhibited at leadingart fairs & galleries worldwide and continues to explore what it means to create and curate artwith impact.