Mark Engel is known for his colorful and highly expressive paintings. His work centers around the human figure and varies between psychological portraiture and full figure environments that express profound aspects of the human experience. His interest in the human motif is rooted in early personal mystical experiences which had a dynamic impact on his perception of life and understanding of self, and sparked his research into human transformation through ideas related to Jungian psychology, Taoism, alchemy, and mysticism.
Mark grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and received his MFA from San Jose State University. His work has been shown in numerous museums and galleries across the US and is in many public and private collections.

"Absorption" by Mark Engel


My work and research are centered around the human form and the psychological boundaries of the mind which influence perception, and create meaning in the face of uncertainty and change. I am mostly influenced by ideas surrounding Jungian psychology, mysticism, and alchemy, and try to paint the figure in a dynamic, fluctuating state.

"Another Turn" by Mark Engel
"Aparigraha" by Mark Engel
"Disintegration" by Mark Engel
"Dissolution" by Mark Engel
"Gyroscopic" by Mark Engel
"Rainbows and Butterflies" by Mark Engel
"Sublimation" by Mark Engel
"Threshold" by Mark Engel