Join Kat and consultant Beth Pickens on an inspiring episode during which you will hear about Beth's journey, how she found her path, what motivates her about working with artists, and her incredible new book Make Your Art No Matter What.

Beth shares:

  • Common misconceptions about finances in the art community and mindset shift to help you succeed.
  • Why it's so important to continue making art no matter what.
  • Tips for overcoming self-judgment.
  • Way to create more balance and harmony in your life and art career.

Beth Pickens is a Los Angeles-based consultant for artists and arts organizations. She is the author of Make Your Art No Matter What (Chronicle Books, 2021.) Her previous book is Your Art Will Save Your Life (Feminist Press, 2018). Her pamphlets—Making Art During Fascism and On Artists and Hopelessness—were designed and distributed by the Women’s Center for Creative Work in Los Angeles. Her popular podcast, Mind Your Practice, is widely available as is her subscription-based Homework Club.

“This book is both a love letter to art and artists and a hands-on guide to approaching the thorniest problems those artists might face. Creative counselor Beth Pickens offers a warm reminder that you are not alone, that what you do matters, and that someone out there wants you to succeed.”

— Chronicle Books