Magdalena Olavarría

Artist Statement:

I studied Visual Arts at Pontificia Universidad Católica of Chile (2012-2016). During this period, I took part in two collective exhibitions. In 2017, I left Chile to continue studying a master’s degree in Painting at University of the Arts London, where I specialized in metal casting sculpture in aluminum and bronze. Finishing the course and having been part of two collective exhibitions, I returned to Chile in 2018 to exhibit at FAXXI and ArtStgo in 2019. Beginning the year 2020, I travelled to Madrid to become part of the artistic residency R.A.R.O Madrid, where I dedicated to developing an investigation and exploration of ink and the possibilities the material granted me on several surfaces. My work centers in the tension generated between the structural and organic. I use the material's own properties to generate visual or physical volumes, as the appropriate surface and space gives birth to the imaginary and creates sensorial connections with the viewer. My inspiration originates mainly from nature, its forms, colors, and the behavior of natural cycles. Through an abstract language, I suggest new pictorial realities that sustain in the imaginary. Based on the superposition of layers and the transparencies these generate, I create a diversity of depths and visual volumes that expand the perspective to a third dimension. Holding on to the pure properties of the material, this grants me the necessary resources to shape a cathartic and chaotic universe where the uncontrollable predominates.