Curated by Christopher Jobson, Founder of Colossal

December 1, 2023 - January 7, 2024

Paradigm Gallery + Studio is thrilled to present Lone Splendor, a group exhibition curated by Colossal founder, Christopher Jobson. This marks his fourth guest-curated exhibition with the gallery and boasts his largest artist selection to date. Lone Splendor will grace the 1st floor of the Paradigm Arts Building (12 N. 3rd Street) from December 1, 2023, through January 7, 2024, with a public opening reception on Friday, December 1st from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm.

Featured Artists:

  • Adrian Landon Brooks
  • Allison May Kiphuth
  • Andrew McIntosh
  • Bunnie Reiss
  • Christina Keith
  • Danielle Clough (pictured artwork)
  • Danym Kwon
  • Duy Huynh
  • Eli McMullen
  • Graham Franciose
  • Hari & Deepti
  • Jeremy Miranda
  • Lindzeanne
  • Lorraine Loots
  • Lucy O'Doherty
  • Michael Dandley
  • Toni Hamel

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From the curator:

“Growing up in rural Texas, our nearest neighbor was a three-minute hike across a long dam. As it happens, that neighbor, Larry, was an astronomy professor at the University of Texas, and next to his house was an enormous white building capped with a huge dome. On warm summer nights, he would invite students from the university to look at the sky, unobstructed viewing away from the lights of Austin, complete with a cardboard “STAR PARTY” sign that hung from his mailbox. When I was seven years old, we made the walk at night across the dam and through a yard filled with telescopes on trailers and telescopes mounted in the back of pickup trucks, everyone smoking cigarettes, drinking beer, and pointing at the sky. My mother walked me up to the strange domed building where I encountered a telescope the size of a refrigerator angled toward the night sky. Larry lifted me onto a stool, and I peered into a small lens. It seared something into my mind forever. A speck of light in the sky had been magnified to such a degree that it was suddenly right here in front of me, and it wasn’t a moon or even the shape of a star as I imagined. Instead, it was an orb banded in brilliant colors and ringed by a wide halo swathed in a gradient of light: it was Saturn. A pinprick that glimmered in the sky right above me every night was infinitely more complex than a twinkle. It was an entire world. And another realization: there were things all around us that we could see but not see. Only with the help of science, art, and technology could we ever hope to make sense of these invisible things all around us. I have since developed a deep love for unseen worlds. Borrowing a phrase from John Keats’ famous love poem “Bright star, would I were stedfast as thou art,” Lone Splendor brings together 18 artists from around the world who have interpreted their own imaginations and realities for us, revealing a love for art, wonder, and the unknown. With paint, thread, paper, and light, they have each taken this poem and held a telescope to it, sharing their visions of the night sky and illuminating our unceasing interest in what lies just beyond.”


Friday, December 1, 20236:00 – 8:00 PM

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Duy Huynh
Toni Hamel