Sweater Weather, a solo show of new work by Kim Hopson, is on view at Spoke the Hub Re:Creation Center until February 11th, 2023. This collection is an autobiographical study of frustration, toil, resilience and all the ups and downs that come with parenting.

Kim Hopson Sweater Weather

The figures in Hopson’s artwork illustrate struggle through twisted and bundled knitwear constraining the figure, but there is also beauty, hope and love illuminated through her use of bright colors and haloed light surrounding the figures. Sweater Weather is about the ever-changing landscape of motherhood. Hopson illuminates the societal norms laid within the Mommy Hellscape that has most parents treading water, layered with the complexities of navigating caregiving in a disabled body.

Kim Hopson contemporary art

Kim Hopson contemporary artist

Kim Hopson contemporary art motherhood

About the artist:

Kim Hopson is a multidisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, NY. In her work, she explores themes of physical limitation, otherness, and ableist bias in society. Experiencing life with a disability has given her a unique viewpoint that is reflected in her paintings, drawings and collages. She focuses on the body’s relationship to the world, both physically and emotionally. Motherhood has made that difference a more central part of her art, and her work has expanded to examine those experiences in the context of parenthood. Her intention is to create dialogue around these topics in order to spark a larger conversation. To learn more about Kim Hopson, visit her website kimhopsonstudio.com or find her on Instagram @kimhopsonstudio.


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