Katrina Thibodeau is a contemporary oil painter from Ontario, Canada. She specializes in portraiture, utilizing expressive human emotion, while tapping into the struggles of mental health to outline the themes she creates within. By leaving the background of her works predominantly untouched, it intends to draw focus onto every expression, no matter how subtle, hoping to impact the audience in a variety of ways. Most of her paintings are completed on large scale canvases (usually anywhere from 3x5 to 5x5 feet), making the subject matter of her pieces that much more impactful to the viewer.

In recent works, she has been completing a collection of pieces in full colour, using alla prima techniques. She has found herself drawn to the colourwheel at this point in her career, after working predominantly in monochromatics for the majority of her journey as an artist. She will always have a special place in her heart for black and gray portraiture, but utilizing her talents in full colour has opened a new door on how she creates.

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"Numb" by Katrina Thibodeau


So many of us go through life not feeling. We avoid emotion, self reflection or simply being alone with our own thoughts. Acknowledging an emotion and expressing it through vulnerable presence is liberating.
One of the most life changing things I have done is allowed myself to feel. Whether it’s an emotion society deems negative, or true joy, there is tremendous value in stepping into it, feeling it and letting it pass through you. So many of us suppress, ignore, pass by and judge our emotions. I want people to feel, relate and reflect when they view my work. My intention is to provoke emotion and vulnerability.”
-Katrina Thibodeau

"Restrained" by Katrina Thibodeau