Jovanitha Le Long is a Mauritian-French oil painter from Beauvais, France. She has Asperger's syndrome and uses her art to express herself. Her work has been featured by The Purposeful Mayonnaise, a literary and art journal and on Create magazine's blog. She has exhibited multiple times locally at Maison des Arts (Créteil) and internationally through the Art Queens’ inner power exhibition (virtual). Her work is currently featured in Singulart gallery in Paris.

You are enough by Jovanitha Le Long


As an Asperger, I have always been viewed as being 'too much', too happy, too dramatic, too angry. In fact, I experience the world very differently and feel the emotions more intensely. Most of my adult life, I tried to dim my light to act as society expect me to be. Art made me realise that I was the happiest when I was my truest self. From that time, I decided to create art that pushes the viewer to go bold and to be their true self. That's how these collages were born.
My literal understanding of the world brings me to draw in simple lines and paint in block colours. This gives the collages a naive look, my art trademark. I drew a whole alphabet and cut the desired letters in flowery paper. I was inspired by the newspaper ransom texts we see in films, where the text looks like a blur at first and as we make out the words, we get the whole meaning. That's what I want the viewer to experience. As they stare at the words, they begin to slowly make sense and when they finally get the meaning, they feel empowered and bold to show up as their true self. The collages read 'Bloom where you're planted', 'You're special', 'You are enough'.


You’re special by Jovanitha Le Long