My art, initially abstract in appearance, records a journey of a day in the life—a practice that starts with documentation through the lens of a camera. I see my experiences through special goggles with the ability to transform banal spaces and objects into engaging formal elements that are pulled out of their environment and placed into my painting compositions strictly for their aesthetic significance. The process of cataloging my everyday leads to the solidification of my memories in a specific time and place and constant access to a breadth of inspiration for my paintings. New inspiration comes out of each new environment I experience whether as a resident or a visitor allowing the work to be an ever-evolving documentation of my days.

The observations I collect are combined into compositions through a process of drawing and collage where I am selecting and joining bits of each sighting to build abstract structures in imagined worlds displaying a combination of shallow and deep space. The work demonstrates loose, painterly applications juxtaposed with more rigid, hard-edge areas of the acrylic paint and spray paint that I use. While the palette is imagined, each painting is an archive of a time and place connected to a personal experience.

I want to challenge the viewer to see the work as personal yet universal. A compilation of my experiences, but also as a way to connect with abstract painting in a tangible way. I want to elevate the humble from unnoticed and small to colorful and grand by putting a spotlight on the unrecognized poetry of daily routine.  

Wilm to New York Penn Station 1 by Jennifer Small


I am a Pennsylvania native who received bachelor’s degrees in Painting and Art Education from Millersville University and MFA in Painting from Savannah College of Art and Design. I have exhibited my paintings in galleries and fairs in Philadelphia, Washington, DC, New York, San Francisco, Richmond, Savannah, Raleigh, Columbus, and Chicago. Media features have included Artist Talk Magazine, Art Seen Magazine, New American Paintings, Studio Visit Magazine, Studio Break Podcast, and Shockoe Artspeak Podcast. Formerly an art educator in the Washington DC and Chicago areas, I now live and work as a painter and visual designer in Wilmington, Delaware.  

Wilm to New York Penn Station 2 by Jennifer Small
Wilm to New York Penn Station 3 by Jennifer Small