Create! Magazine is thrilled to share our latest exhibition, 'Fresh Paint," juried by Margaret Winslow of the Delaware Art Museum.

In this virtual show, we invite you to discover the endless possibilities of this timeless medium through the eyes and hands of 30 contemporary artists. Painting is more than just pigment on canvas; it's a transformative journey of self-expression and innovation. Join us and discover incredible contemporary artists in this show.

Essay by Christina Nafziger

Painting is not a monolith; it is a medium that can be used in countless ways, which is one of the reasons it has stood the test of time. It moves across genre, from abstraction to realism to expressionism; and across subject matter, from figurative to landscape to the inner workings of our psyche. Paint transforms. It can be mixed with other mediums, used on two-dimensional and three-dimensional surfaces, and, when rendered in a certain way, can create a window into a world beyond our imagination. There is a reason artists return to painting again and again—the possibilities are truly endless.

In “Fresh Paint,” 30 contemporary artists delve into the medium of painting in its broadest sense. Each piece is strikingly different than the next, revealing to us the nuanced and complex ways painting can change depending on who is holding the brush. Sometimes by bringing together similar artworks (in this case, similar in media only), their differences are pulled forth, drawn out in ways that are unique to each artist. In the exhibition, you’ll find non-representational works that highlight the medium through impasto brushwork, color-field paintings that show off paint’s saturated hues, rich landscapes that display the artists’ skills in painting, and so much more


We're honored to have Margaret Winslow, Curator of Contemporary Art at the Delaware Art Museum, as our guest curator. She's a respected figure in the art world, known for her work in promoting contemporary art.

Featured Artists

Meet the talented artists featured in "Fresh Paint":

  • Honar Ali
  • Valentine Aprile
  • Duga Bobanovic-sikirica
  • Renée Bouchard
  • Jen Brown
  • Maria Brzozowska
  • Jessica Cook
  • Francine Davis
  • Sophia Day
  • Enrico Donaruma
  • Stuart Fineman
  • Julia Hacker
  • Rebecca Harrell
  • Elizabeth Heller
  • Hezron
  • Emma Hill
  • Colleen Hoffenbacker
  • Wiley Holton
  • Devan Horton
  • Nitin Kakkar
  • Shawn Marshall
  • Kelly McCallum
  • Lauren Packard
  • Marcia Reed
  • Sarupa Sidaarth
  • Jennifer Small
  • Amanda Smith (featured)
  • Lawre Stone
  • John Westmark
  • Dganit Zauberman

View the virtual exhibition and discover new artists