“The story of my tree embroidery series is all about a relationship with nature, revealing that a neighboring tree can be a living being with way more character than a scant look of a hurrying passer-by captures. Assuming the empty spaces on the bark are scars, I wanted to fill them with the new life, flowers and hope. Each embroidery is my effort to convey a message, whether it’s about a life hidden in plain sight, celebration of spring, or healing the wounded heart of nature. I want people to question their relationship with the beautiful stoical giants they meet every day, and refresh their concept of being a part of nature and a city at the same time.” - Diana Yevtukh

Artist Bio:

Diana Yevtukh is a Ukrainian mixed media artist, best recognized for her series of tree embroidery installations. Seamless fusion of art with nature earned virility and praise from highly respectable blogs and publications around the world. Besides embroidery, Diana is also active in fluid acrylic art, drawing, photography, and products design.


What were your early experiences as an artist like? How early did you begin creating?

Drawing and making dolls from old fabrics were my hobbies for as long as I can remember. In middle school, I was learning to paint and drew portraits and landscapes. Starting high school, I enrolled into a photography circle, and it quickly turned into my main interest, even today. During the last couple of years, I was experimenting with different mediums to implement my ideas--watercolor and oil paintings, fluid acrylics art--and now it's the embroidery episode. I greatly enjoy the process of making embroidery. It's super long and very tedious, one work can take from 2 to 6 months of everyday work, yet the hours spent with threads and needle are especially warm, pleasant, and calming. Embroidery is the coziest form of art I've tried so far.

Who or what in your life influences your work the most?

It's hard to trace the origins of my inspiration or even define a pool of possible sources, yet it's certainly a lifelong mix of my experiences with nature, music, and bits of the everyday world. Given my constant desire to create beautiful things, these simple experiences lead to ideas always popping out of nowhere in my head. I'm trying to curate this stream of thoughts and concepts and then bring the best of them into life.

What is the one thing you hope your viewers walk away with after seeing your work?

I hope everyone is going to feel their own special blend of beautiful emotions that they wouldn't otherwise find in our bustling fast paced world.