Join painter Halie Torris and Kat on a candid episode in which we discuss art, spirituality, the courage to share your story, and more.

Halie Torris is a contemporary artist working in oils. She was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and attended Seton Hill University, where she majored in graphic design. Six months upon graduating from college and receiving her first design job, Halie picked up and moved to the eastern shore of Maryland. After spending most of her life living in the same place, she felt a draw towards the ocean and a change of scenery to further develop her work.

Through her knowledge in the digital realm of design as well as in fine arts, she aims to merge the two mediums in her paintings. Moving environments has helped her to distinguish her true values by peeling away layers of distraction from past experiences and beliefs. Halie soon experienced a spiritual awakening that shifted her ideas and concepts towards the subconscious mind and inner stillness. In 2020, she openly accepted her sexuality and publicly posted about the influence that being a part of the LGBTQ community has had on her self-acceptance and her art. Currently, she is creating a body of work that resonates with human equality, women empowerment, and inner stillness.