Based in Philadelphia, Kendra Dandy (b.1987) is a multidisciplinary artist renowned for her vibrant illustrations and playful patterns. These often consist of whimsical characters, drawn from a world of familiar icons, combined with bold colors and patterns. She thrives on experimentation, fully embracing imperfections and reveling in unorthodox combinations. Themes recurring in her art include cheetahs, makeup, tropical foliage, and cocktails.

Kendra Dandy

Kendra's work transitions seamlessly between painting, printmaking, and digital illustration on the iPad. This flexibility offers her unmatched versatility in mixing colors, ideas, and forms.

The cheetahs featured in her works give insight into Kendra's life, representing her emotions, hobbies, and her introspective nature. They often reflect her diverse moods, ranging from dance and travel passions to her yearnings for leisure and peace. No matter the emotion or activity, the cheetahs are always genuine, embodying the authenticity Kendra seeks in her life.

Some of the top brands that have sought Kendra’s distinctive creations include Marc Jacobs Fragrances, NYX Cosmetics, Anthropologie, and Vans. Whether it's on canvas or a designed product, her inspiration from vintage items, nature, beauty, post-impressionist art, and humor is evident.

We chat with the artist about her work and recent group exhibition 'Chroma' with PxP Contemporary in Philadelphia.

Kendra Dandy

What inspired you to create the work you showcased in the 'Chroma' exhibition?
I was intrigued by the concrete texture medium I had acquired. I opted to block print one of my cheetah faces on this textured surface. Drawing from a theme about facing challenges, I designed the cheetah in a bright lemon jumpsuit and rose-tinted glasses, symbolizing resilience and style.

Can you share insights into your creative process, especially regarding color choices?
My creative process is intuitive. I often pick colors based on my current mood or simply the ones I find intriguing at that moment.

How does your medium of choice influence the color in your artwork?
I introduced a concrete texture to the canvas base, which, I believe, accentuated the colors, making them more vivid and bold.

What message do you aim to convey to viewers and collectors of your art?
I desire to evoke a sense of connection with my art. I aspire for it to add brightness and positivity to spaces. The ultimate compliment is when someone finds my work relatable, making it an essential addition to their collection.

What are your current projects and aspirations for this season?
I'm currently engrossed in crafting new paintings and continuously exploring diverse mediums and ideas. Concurrently, I'm applying to art residencies and exhibitions. My goal is to proliferate my art globally and enhance my fine art practice.

Kendra Dandy