Through October 29, you can see the mesmerizing new works of Dan Lam and Jan Kaláb at Hashimoto Contemporary, LA in their duo-show Ripple Effect!

Each of the artist’s unearthly works capture the tension between moments through color, form and texture. Texas-based sculptor Dan Lam returns to the gallery for her fourth presentation with the gallery. The gallery is also pleased to present Prague-based painter Jan Kaláb’s inaugural presentation. Cascades of saturated color intermingle across each artist’s work, creating ethereal organic forms that challenge perceptions of volume and motion.

Image description: Jan Kalab, "Slow Flow 922", 2022. A horizontally stretched, neon green orb.
Jan Kaláb, "Slow Flow 922", 2022.

Fluid color gradients ripple across Jan Kaláb’s shaped canvases and Dan Lam’s dripping sculptures. Utilizing resins, foam and chromatic pigments, Lam’s oozing tactile sculptures balance between repulsion and attraction, drawing the viewer in to ponder the origins of each work. Kaláb’s precise and volumetric canvases brim with luminous color and subtle details, evoking frozen celestial events. The artists’ work converse amongst one another in a language of color and arrested motion to create a radiant chorus.

Image description: "Pet" by Dan Lam. A dripping, organic shape that is round on top. The shape is mostly green, pink, and yelllow.
Dan Lam, "Pet", 2022

Image: Jan Kalab, "Neon Drop 922", 2022. A grey orb with neon blue on top and dripping on bottom.
Jan Kaláb, "Neon Drop 922", 2022

About Dan Lam: Instagram sensation Dan Lam’s tactile, technicolor sculpture use unconventional materials to playfully tread a line between allure and repulsion. Made of painted polyurethane foam and often covered in spikes, her blob-like pieces that appear to melt and drip have brought Lam hordes of social media fans. Lam began experimenting with the possibilities of foam after receiving her MFA from Arizona State University, and she has continued to test its limits by scaling up. While her pieces appear otherworldly, Lam steadily draws inspiration from the everyday, taking cues from nature and the human body.

About Jan Kaláb: As a graffiti pioneer in his native Czech Republic, Jan Kalab made his name in the late 90s. As his work developed, he found a new way to push his own limits and challenge himself by making 3-D Graffiti. Under the name of Point, he sculpted huge abstract letters he chose to put in the streets and on the walls. This was another form of graffiti, in daylight, and without a spray, but truthful to the spirit of competition and innovation of the urban scene. In turn, these sculptures lead him to experiment with more abstract sculptural forms, a path he’s been exploring through canvas from 2007, using acrylic painting and brushes.

Image description: Full Bodied by Dan Lam. A rainbow-colored, dripping, organic-shaped form.
Dan Lam, "Full Bodied", 2022.
Image description: Jan Kalab, "Solar Medusa 922," 2022. A yellow and orange, dripping orb.
Jan Kalab, "Solar Medusa 922," 2022