Huey Lee was born and raised in South Korea. He trained to become a Korean traditional ceramic artisan. Lee worked at pottery and ceramic studios for several years and apprenticed under TaeGon Kim, Inchin Lee and the late Gil-bae Kim. He currently resides in Athens, Georgia and is pursuing a Master of Fine Arts at the University of Georgia.

"Intangible Memory" by Huey Hyuk Lee


My clay works are formed with an abstract structure based on the notion of building different daily emotions. Moments of today and introspection of the past leave a trace of shapeless emotions to become a base of intangible sculptures and objects. These expressions appear as a slice of clay, squeezed mass, a repetitive organism to show aspects of unstable emotions and a part of my body. Duplicated and accumulated structures stress its visual languages with glazes and slips through multiple firing processes, creating a unique texture and unexpected surface.

Various emotions and expressions with a language that assists in understanding are my primary concerns in making art. Aspects of bringing about emotions can be physical and psychological issues or come from outside of oneself. While living in society, by inscribing moments of my day-to-day life into pieces of art, I want to unveil fundamental questions of who I am and how these artworks relate to and reflect my living experiences.

The emotions in my works are fabricated by incorporating memories I had, which reveals a taste of what I am interested in, what makes me uncomfortable, and what brings me to have a particular emotion. This is a process of investigating myself through introspection and self-criticism. The works that stand for my daily emotion through introspection are a discharge and release of emotions that I want to empty and a result of regret that I could not express. Through this evocative self-criticism of the works, I pile up daily emotions about myself on the clay form in order to find out a reason to live.


"A lump of Unsubstantial Emotion" by Huey Hyuk Lee
"I did not mean it, but Fuck your feeling" by Huey Hyuk Lee
"I Realized How Fragile I Am" by Huey Hyuk Lee
"Eyedrops in One's Heart" by Huey Hyuk Lee
"Eyedrops in One's Heart" by Huey Hyuk Lee
"It Is All Paranoia" by Huey Hyuk Lee
"I Smeared The Gloomy" by Huey Hyuk Lee
"It Is An Ineffable Externali zation" by Huey Hyuk Lee