Join Kat and Samantha on an empowering episode and learn how nutrition can fuel your art and creativity. We chat about healing on a cellular level, feeling amazing, and creating our life's work from a place of love and wellness.

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Samantha Otero is a Plant-Based Nutritionist and Holistic Coach whose passion is found in guiding artists, entrepreneurs, and mothers on their healing journeys toward optimal self-expression. Her own healing journey of overcoming an autoimmune disease, generational trauma, and narcissistic abuse has shown her the power of the mind/body connection.

She firmly believes we can be our own best healers through intuitively eating nutrient-dense foods, releasing mental limitations, engaging in daily spiritual practice as well as ultimately seeing ourselves as the Boss Queens that we are. Self-image is everything!

Samantha is a Nuyorican currently residing in Indiana with her daughter and fiancé. Along with experiential knowledge and a lifelong spiritual practice, her college studies founded in biology, psychology, and neuroscience heavily inform her coaching practice. She's currently obsessed with Islamic Geometric Design and the ways in which Biology informs Thought and Design.

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