This Halloween, let the spine-chilling art of some incredibly talented contemporary living artists transport you to the world of eerie and captivating. Whether you're an art lover or simply looking to get into the spirit of the season, our curated list at Create! Magazine promises a visual treat. Grab that pumpkin spice latte, snuggle up, and prepare to be amazed.

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Now, here's our top ten artists you won't want to miss this Halloween season:

1. Rebecca Chaperon

Dive into the spooky and beautiful world of Rebecca with her painting, "Self-Care In Dark Times." This piece resonates with the power of self-grounding amidst surreal landscapes. From hovering crystals to enigmatic caves, her art is a visual treat.

Rebecca Chaperon

2. Karen Jerzyk

Explore Karen's ethereal photography, where surreal scenes tell stories of femininity and identity. Born in 1981 in Manchester, NH, her early love for fantasy and sci-fi films shapes her unique artistic lens. Experience the magic she crafts, inspired by the visual effects of her favorite movies.

Karen Jerzyk

3. Carrie Pearce

Born in Peoria, IL, in 1969, Carrie's artistic journey began with a Disney light-up table and drawing challenges inspired by Ann Adams, an artist known for her unique pencil-between-teeth technique. Even as a young girl, Carrie's passion for art was evident as she eagerly explored various creative expressions.

Carrie Pearce

4. Mark Ryden

Often cited as a godfather of the pop surrealism movement, Ryden's paintings are characterized by their blend of childlike enchantment with eerie, sometimes macabre atmospheres.

Mark Ryden

5. Michelle Avery Konczyk

Found at Velvet Mush, Michelle's work delves deep into surreal watercolor paintings that often have a hauntingly beautiful undertone. Her pieces often blend human figures with natural and abstract elements, resulting in a deeply emotional and sometimes eerie visual narrative. Drawing from personal experiences, Michelle's work evokes feelings of vulnerability, love, pain, death, and the duality of life.

Michelle Avery Konczyk | Velvet Mush

6. Caitlin McCormack

Caitlin's distinctive artwork often involves crocheted sculptures that echo skeletal remains, creating an eerie yet mesmerizing visual experience. Her use of cotton string stiffened with glue helps her articulate intricate, lace-like structures. Caitlin's work, often presented in shadow boxes or as installations, examines themes of decay, memory, and the passage of time, striking a balance between fragility and endurance.

Caitlin McCormack

7. Alex Eckman-Lawn

Alex's artistry manifests through his multi-layered, hand-cut paper collages, masterfully crafting depth and narrative by combining elements from his original digital paintings with images from historical medical texts. The space between each layer lures the viewer into a deep visual exploration of the artwork. While he's notable for his pieces showcased in places like SCOPE Miami Beach and Art on Paper NY, Alex's influence spans to other mediums, with his work featured on album covers, in music videos, and even comic books. He's a 2007 alumnus of the University of the Arts, with his craft being spotlighted in renowned publications such as Hi-Fructose and Juxtapoz Magazine.

Alex Eckman-Lawn

8. Vanessa Jo Bahr

Vanessa's roots trace back to Chicago, but her artistic journey flourished after receiving her BFA from Regis University in Denver, Colorado, and later her MFA from Ohio University. Beyond her educational pursuits, Vanessa is deeply invested in community art. She founded Scavenger Studios in Ashland, Oregon, in 2022, nurturing budding artists through workshops, classes, and open studios. Her artwork is a passionate call to environmental consciousness. Through detailed illustrations, Vanessa crafts messages about our bond with nature and the consequences of human negligence. She believes that art can be a powerful agent for change, emphasizing the urgency of rekindling our relationship with the natural world.

Vanessa Jo Bahr

9. Beth Cavener

Cavener creates intense animal sculptures that often reflect human psychological states. These expressive, almost anthropomorphic forms are hauntingly emotional.

Beth Cavener

10. Kris Kuksi

His assemblage works are intricate, drawing from Gothic and Baroque influences. They are beautifully detailed and dark, with each piece resembling a surreal, dystopian shrine.

Kris Kuksi