Join Kat and visual artist and coach Cara Roberts, and learn how to tap into your unique story and create your best work yet. Cara shares her journey of discovering her voice, style, and current paintings and offers tips to take your art series to the next level.

We cover:

  • Get clarity for your next art series
  • Exercises and tools to help the creative process
  • How to be vulnerable while maintaining privacy and boundaries with your art

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About Cara

From the start of her career, Cara has held various positions nationally as a professional Artist. Her experience includes a solo studio artist, a variety of positions in gallery development, studio management, and assisting in the development of young artists and their art eduction. Her diverse background and variety of experiences speak to her ability to integrate and customize a unique esthetic into multiple mediums including painting, photography, sculpture, video, digital art, professional management, education, and coaching.

Much of her work is autobiographical in nature. She uses various images of herself and her own personal social lens to view culture. Sharing the observations she has had growing up as a biracial child in a race that was not her own, informs much of her work.

She has had many surreal experiences, oftentimes finding herself being the invisible person in the room. This position as a biracial woman in many social settings has allowed Cara to gain a unique perspective into the evolution of America's contemporary culture. Realizing that she has a unique place in this conversation, she pushes her interest to constantly discover and explain how color and race exist. She believes there a rainbow being formed not only in America but globally, and the representation of the gradients of color are an important visual of the spectrum of race. Additionally, the influence of media on race and social boundaries fascinates her and drives her to continue the conversation that she has illustrated in her work.

To date, Cara has been featured in Fused Society Magazine's inaugural issue and Kalamazoo College’ s Praxis Center for Social Justice Leadership website.

Cara's work and vision has been displayed across the United States in prominent art epicenters such as Boston, MA and Philadelphia, PA and also in smaller communities to include El Paso, TX and Cincinnati, OH. She continues to contribute regularly on topics related to art, culture and social constructions in a variety of forums.

Cara holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston in affiliation with Tufts University. She graduated with the Pegasus Prize and the Dana Pond Award. Cara earned a Yale Interview after graduating from Tufts but did not pursue the opportunity any further. Her artistic education started as a child as she attended the School for Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnati, Ohio, from grades 7-12.

Currently, Cara works from her studio in Philadelphia. She lives there with her husband and two kids.

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