“One Hundred and One and Two Dog Figuringes” by Sarah Allwine

Create! is thrilled to share the announcement for Tchotchke Gallery’s first-ever sculpture show! This dynamic group show features seven talented artists, including Sarah Allwine, Jen Dwyer, Ryan Flores, Alli Gelles, Ak Jansen, Isolina Minjeong Alva, and Didi Rojas. These New York-based ceramists all cohere around gutsy forms and a masterful approach to color.

Founded in 2020, Tchotchke Gallery is committed to showcasing promising and exciting artists through the gallery’s inviting digital space, curated for novice and experienced collectors alike. Tchotchke aims to inspire collectors and artists through engaging collaborative and educational efforts.



Honoring the capricious and unstable nature of clay and glaze, Half Baked celebrates artists who are not afraid to take risks in their practice. At a moment when plans and schedules are consistently being upended, the show’s title pokes fun at the instability of life as we currently know it while contemplating and welcoming the absence of the expected.

While there is a wide range of transformation to the clay medium in Half Baked, each work brings into question what’s emotionally and physically possible during a time of constant change. "We were recently forced to modify our exhibition schedule due to the surge in Omicron cases in New York City so we decided to present our first sculpture show, highlighting local ceramic artists, as we wanted to take on something both challenging and fresh," notes founders Danielle Dewar and Marlee Katz. Having a ceramic practice of her own, Dewar was thrilled to include artists from her former studio Gasworks NYC, as well as Brooklyn Clay, and other notable ceramic studios in the area.

Half Baked opens digitally on January 11th at 12pm EST and will run through January 31st, 2022.

“stacey” by Ak Jansen

“Straight Through” by Isolina Minjeong Alva

“When Up Feels Down, And Down Feels Up” by Jen Dwyer

“Not to step on any toes but...” by Didi Rojas

“Trellis” by Alli Gelles

“Crown” by Ryan Flores