Gunther Kleinert is a professional designer and artist who lives and works in Hamburg, Germany.
He gained a degree in Industrial Design at the University of Fine Arts, Hamburg, Germany in 2008 and has over 10 years of intense interdisciplinary experience in designing both products and interior spaces, as well as in conceptual thinking.
Alongside designing, he constantly is on the lookout to explore other design and art related disciplines in self-initiated projects. Coming from a multi-faculty art university, he always tries to approach projects in different ways and has a strong interdisciplinary approach to design and art in general.

Gunther_Kleinert_abstract_02 (1).jpg

Artist Statement
I am currently working on different ongoing series that all involve line drawings. They are either abstract or involve sound, music or word generated patterns, showing what can be heard but usually not seen. My latest work is a rendition of Amanda Gorman s amazing poem “The Hill We Climb.” All works are drawn with pigmented ink pens on paper.