On this episode of Art & Cocktails, Kat gets to know Kate Mothes, curator, and founder of Young Space.

Kate shares:

  • What inspired her to start this platform and soon to be publication
  • Her process of curating exhibitions and working with galleries
  • What she looks for in artists online and beyond



Young Space began as a blog, as a way for curator/founder Kate Mothes to connect with artists and exhibitions in Scotland during postgraduate study at the University of Edinburgh.

After she moved back to Wisconsin, USA, it grew into a nomadic project platform, where it has taken the shape of numerous collaborative projects, in addition to the online platform. After going on hiatus for several months, it was re-launched in October 2016 with a new format, featuring original interviews and other content. Since then, it has grown exponentially, leading to a brand new website relaunch and series of projects in March 2018.

Young Space is an independent, itinerant curatorial project organized by Kate Mothes. The online platform emphasizes new and exciting work by early-career and emerging artists. Exhibitions are coordinated nationally and internationally, in collaboration with artists and spaces. Young Space continues to expand and reconfigure in response to artists’ input and participation.

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