Ann Miller Smith creates art through a colorful lense and a love of pattern and texture. She is interested in the use of bold and unexpected color palettes, as well as a continuous experimentation with new elements and mediums. Smith paints to tell a story and her work explores the endless possibilities of the human experience. Expressive of adventure, Smith’s paintings urge the viewer to use their imagination and create a narrative of their own.

Smith lives and works in Wilmington, North Carolina. She studied Studio Art at the University of North Carolina Wilmington (BA, 2021) and Fashion Development at North Carolina State University (BS, 2015). Smith was the recipient of the Dorothy Gillespie Scholarship in Art and the Ann Flack Boseman Scholarship. Her solo exhibition, "The Reach of My Arms" was featured in 2020 at Ann Flack Boseman Gallery.

We had the privilege of interviewing the artist from our recent Chroma Exhibition about her work and journey. Original art by Ann can be acquired through PxP Contemporary.

Ann Miller Smith

Can you share some insights into your creative process? Where do you draw inspiration from when it comes to your color choices?

Color palettes come very naturally to me. I love to experiment with color interactions and unexpected combinations. Before pursuing art full time, I was an apparel designer. Selecting seasonal color palettes was always one of my favorite parts of the job. Color is always the first thing I decide on when starting a new painting and it really leads the rest of my work.

How did your medium of choice enhance your ability to convey the color in your artwork?

I enjoy working with acrylic paint because I feel that it allows me to achieve mixing the bright, bold hues that are the cornerstone of my work. I also appreciate the quick drying speed, allowing me to easily layer on color and texture.

What do you want viewers and collectors to know when interacting with your art?

I hope that viewers of my art tap into their imagination and decide what they want it to mean. "Wish You Were Here" is meant to be left as an open-ended narrative. I want every viewer or collector to create their own story of endless possibility from my paintings.

What are you currently working on and looking forward to this season?

I have recently been working on several small collections for local businesses in my town of Wilmington, North Carolina. I have continued working on collage-inspired paintings, as well as some new abstract work. I am looking forward to being included in the forthcoming All She Makes Magazine Issue 7, as well as preparing for a solo show with Women United Art Movement in 2024.

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