Gallery 839 in Burbank, California, is excited to present "Venus in the 12th," an exquisite exhibition showcasing the creative talents of Los Angeles-based painter Teri Hendrich C. This event promises to be a unique and visually captivating experience that blends astrology, Pre-Raphaelite influences, and Hendrich's personal birth chart.

Teri Hendrich C. draws her inspiration from various sources, including astrology, the Pre-Raphaelite art movement, and her own astrological birth chart. Through her paintings, she weaves a captivating narrative centered around her natal Venus, personified in human form and situated within the enigmatic 12th house. The exhibition features a dozen acrylic paintings, ten of which were initiated under auspicious astrological elections, adding an intriguing layer of depth to her artistic process.

One of the remarkable aspects of Hendrich's work is the juxtaposition of monochromatic figures within imaginative settings and vibrant, abstract bursts of color that seamlessly flow from one scene to the next. This contrast allows viewers to embark on a transformative journey within her art, exploring the mysteries of the 12th house and the symbolism of Venus.

Hendrich eloquently describes her approach, stating, "Astrology is an ancient, symbol-based language, and if you know how to speak it, you can create powerful stories with it. With this collection, I wanted to be in conversation not just with other artworks throughout history but also with archetypal stories dating back to ancient Mesopotamia that can be found within our skies."

Teri Hendrich C. brings a wealth of artistic experience to this exhibition. A cum laude graduate of ArtCenter College of Design, she has spent the past 16 years honing her skills as a background painter and color supervisor in animation. "Venus in the 12th" marks her second solo show and her debut exhibition at Gallery 839, offering a fresh perspective on her evolving artistic journey.

Gallery 839, situated within The Animation Guild at 1105 N. Hollywood Way, Burbank, California 91505, welcomes art enthusiasts to explore Teri Hendrich C.'s mesmerizing works. The gallery is open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. The artist reception for "Venus in the 12th" is scheduled for February 1, from 5 pm to 8 pm, and promises an enriching experience with a poetry reading and book signing at 6 pm.

To learn more about this remarkable exhibition and its accompanying events, please visit Teri Hendrich C.'s official event page at

In conjunction with the exhibition, Teri Hendrich C. will self-publish a 52-page catalogue, providing art enthusiasts with an opportunity to bring a piece of "Venus in the 12th" into their homes through this beautifully crafted publication, available for purchase at the gallery.

Artist’s Bio

Teri Hendrich C. is a born and raised Los Angeles based artist. She graduated with a BFA in Illustration & Fine Art with honors from ArtCenter College of Design and has continued to hone her artistry and storytelling by working as a color supervisor in animation. Teri's methodical approach and calm attitude come through in the details, compositions and color palettes of her paintings. Her work has been featured in gallery exhibitions throughout the LA area as well as on film sets for ABC and Disney+ television shows. Her collectors range from professional animators, a state senator as well as a celebrity chef. Teri lives with her husband and two children in Glendale, CA. Her other pursuits include practicing astrology as well as advocating for pay equity as Vice President of The Animation Guild.