Eutalia De la Paz is an illustrator based in New Jersey. She received her BFA and graduated from the School of Visual Arts in 2018. Since then, Eutalia has worked with clients such as Refinery29, Lithium Magazine, Adolescent Content, and Mercado Vicente, among others. Her personal work has also been featured in Breakthrough US’ docuseries, Our Stories: In Vivid Color. And as of late, Eutalia’s pieces were included in the longlist for the World Illustration Awards 2021.

Artist Statement

Approaching stories with playful perspectives and vibrant color palettes, Eutalia merges her nostalgic memories with her cultural background as a Filipina-American. Her main heroines include bold, flirty, and charismatic women who often emphasize their sentimentality. Not limiting herself to materials, she also loves to dabble with various mediums including digital and ink illustration, gouache, sculpture, ceramics, animation, embroidery, and more; her curiosity for visual storytelling goes beyond paper. When Eutalia isn’t drawing, she’s most likely daydreaming about her next piece.

Where are you from? Did you grow up in a creative environment?

I was born and raised in Jersey City and now live in a small town in Essex County. Growing up, my parents worked opposite shifts as nurses so my grandmother watched me and my brother for the majority of my childhood. Although my parents didn’t push me creatively, I was always at home and liked drawing (even on the walls, oops).

Who or what has compelled and/or encouraged you to create your art?

Various influences such as my Filipino-American background, nostalgia, animated films, music, and the ‘00s internet culture have driven me to create. My grandmother was also one of the few relatives that genuinely supported my creative endeavors; I later found out that she had a talent for drawing as well--my parents like to think that I got it from her.

What is the key topic or issue that your work addresses?

My personal work emphasizes my sentimentality and the bridge between my Filipino-American experiences through playful perspectives, vibrant color palettes, and bold/charismatic women characters. I’m quite nostalgic and recreate stories within their own stories; capturing familiar memories and the feelings they used to bring me.

What is your biggest source of inspiration?

The women in my family, especially my mother and grandmothers, have always carried themselves with confidence, grace, and nerve. I’ve always been inspired by the women in my life--as someone who’s quite the opposite (more reserved and quiet), I think that’s where I translate their bold auras through the muses I draw.

Where are you from? Did you grow up in a creative environment?

I honestly cannot imagine myself doing anything else but creating. Maybe I would have followed my parents' career path for me as a nurse (although I’m too high-strung for that so it's a good thing I didn’t pursue it).