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Kat and Erin Fitzpatrick chat about the importance of maintaining a positive mindset in order to design the art career of your dreams.

Erin shares her story of becoming a full-time painter and also talks about:

  • Giving a painting to Martha Stewart
  • Using creative thinking to improve her lifestyle
  • Gradually building her career and increasing prices

Erin Fitzpatrick, Baltimore native and graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art, began her current series of portraits in 2008. This body of work now contains hundreds of paintings and drawings of notable artists, musicians, business people, Fitzpatrick’s peers, and commissioned subjects. Exhibiting extensively in solo and group shows, she has gained collectors throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia.

When Erin is not in her studio, she is probably somewhere being really good at summer, pretending not to be on Instagram too much, listening to rap music, lying by a pool, traveling, watching/listening to/talking about baseball and/or all of the above.


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